Impact is what sets us apart from the crowd.

We are a highly organized consulting outfit with an excellent team dedicated to bridging the gap between Higher institutions, researchers, research institutes, companies that utilize research and Government.

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Our Vision


We aim to establish a difinitive research organization to advance education in Africa.

African identity

We focus on Higher Education Institutions in Africa, to foster Innovation and developement


We believe the time has come to rescue Africa's Academic Landscape and we're here for true and positive impact.

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Our Mission

Our mission is targeted at Higher Institutions on the African Continent, the focus is on sustainable developement enshrined by the Agenda 2063 and SDGs. These goals are maintained as a benchmark upon which success of this mission is measured.

What drives us


Poorly funded research centers are not unified by a progressive National research agenda.


Weak monitoring and evaluation framework on programmatic and project-based fronts to track knowledge developement, management and utilization.


The weak linkage between academia and industries.

Our Services

Monitoring and Evaluation

We provide monitoring and evaluation solutions that help track progress, develope suitable and effective systems to help Higher Education Institutionsachieve their goals. We also coordinate, manage and help in the smooth implementation of Higher Education Institution projects. We deploy Educational Technology mechanisms to ensure success.

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Research and Training

We provide top notch Research and training services. We are able to push the frontiers of science with our knowledge-base capacity and help facilitate effective training sessions, seminars, conferences, provide event management services for HEI's.

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HigherEd Consulting

We consult for Higher Education Institutions and help conduct feasibility studies, SWOT analysis, equipment procurement and other necessary logistics crucial to the smooth running of HEI's.

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Promotion of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation

We excel in digital marketing and promoting research and innovation within Nigeria and across Africa. Our commitment is to foster internationalization for Nigerian Higher Education Institutions and facilitate cooperation and collaboration on a global scale.

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Driving Innovation and Digital Transformation in HEIs

Through partnerships with Higher Education Institutions, innovation hubs, IT companies, development corporations, and governments, we are at the forefront of driving innovation and digital transformation within the Higher Education sector. Our initiatives range from streamlining administrative processes and providing IT solutions to establishing vibrant on-campus tech communities that bridge the gap between universities and their host communities, promoting interaction and facilitating growth.

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Our Projects



Research in Nigeria (RIN) is a platform dedicated to promoting research and international collaboration within Nigerian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Our mission is encapsulated in our name—it's a two-way call to action. On one hand, we showcase Nigeria's remarkable research achievements to Nigerians and the world. On the other, we invite individuals and organizations from around the globe to engage in research activities within Nigeria.

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Internationalisation - strategy development, provision of Liaison services in Europe and the USA, Nigerian HEI’s MOU partners programme facilitation and management The RinPods is a creation of TIC under the Research in Nigeria project, and its broad objectives are to promote research and innovation in Nigerian as well as support the development of Nigeria’s Higher Education system.

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