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Who We Are?

Thel’s Impact Consulting (TIC) is a HigherEd Tech consulting firm registered with the Nigeria’s cooperate Affairs commission with the number RC 1828365. Our approach sees us utilize design thinking, educational technological tools, evidence based research and effective monitoring & evaluation mechanisms to support Higher Education Institutions, Research institutes, Training organizations and the Government in the delivery of their mandates. TIC works to initiate, galvanize, support and bring about successful collaboration between knowledge production entities and the industries who utilize the knowledge produced.


Thels was born out of the observed challenges such asPoorly funded research centers are not unified by a progressive National research agenda.Weak monitoring and evaluation framework on programmatic and project-based fronts to track knowledge developement, management and utilization. The weak linkage between academia and industries.

We understand quite succinctly that knowledge backed by a culture of research is the engine that has driven the development and transformation of countries. For this reason, Thels is designed as a unique company that would deliver on projects that advance higher education in Nigeria, through research and development (innovation).

The place of higher education and institutions of learning in delivering a new world is non-negotiable as we know that HEI’s have been the birthplace of a lot of innovations and foundational knowledge that spurs creativity in all its senses. This wave of thought to retool and re-engineer HigherEd system in Nigeria, as believed by Thels to be a definitive pathway for true transformation of Africans, home and abroad, a bold step to restore African dignity completely, for in the beginning it was not so.

Our Vision

To establish a definitive research organization that will advance science in Africa for sustainable development of society and people to better meet evolving needs and aspirations of Africa.

Our Projects



Research in Nigeria (RIN) is a platform dedicated to promoting research and international collaboration within Nigerian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Our mission is encapsulated in our name—it's a two-way call to action. On one hand, we showcase Nigeria's remarkable research achievements to Nigerians and the world. On the other, we invite individuals and organizations from around the globe to engage in research activities within Nigeria.

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Internationalisation - strategy development, provision of Liaison services in Europe and the USA, Nigerian HEI’s MOU partners programme facilitation and management The RinPods is a creation of TIC under the Research in Nigeria project, and its broad objectives are to promote research and innovation in Nigerian as well as support the development of Nigeria’s Higher Education system.

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We welcome you to an opportunity to build an exciting and fulfilling career with Thels Careers. At TiC, we strive to be the best, our working environment is one that encourages the development of talents, encourage creativity, hard work, and make impact.

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